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Share power through true participatory grant-making for Baltimore neighborhoods through inFusion Community Grants program.
Invest in innovative collective infrastructure - in Baltimore we know we can do more together than alone.
Build capacity through one-on-one support and access to a network of other changemakers.

Grassroots Minded

We meet you right where you are, authentically, each time.


We take pride in the details 

so you can focus on your mission.

Dynamic Engagement 

From Coffee Hours to Townhalls we make space for partner voices. 


Fusion has everything you need to get your organization up and running in no time!
FUSION: Having knowledge or skill in a particular field, especially a profession or job, gained over a period of time.
FUSION: (of a person) devoted to a task or purpose; having single-minded loyalty or integrity.
Versatile: The ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.


GREAT: of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average.

Flexible: (of a person) ready and able to change so as to adapt to different circumstances.

Unique: being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

Fusion isAwesomeUniqueDynamic

A fully flexible, intuitive and highly flexible  organization.


Fusion’s mission to be a catalyst for justice and peace has evolved in a way it could not have imagined 18 years ago. In 2015 alone, Fusion Partners served over 2,000 people in the community. All of these projects and programs are possible because the Baltimore community works to support itself and because there is Fusion, an organization willing to support them. No other organization has had the impact and success of Fusion in our region and Maryland for both groundbreaking programs and holistic fiscal sponsorship