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Apply for a Fiscal Sponsorship


Are you interested in building a program, project, or organization that intentionally impacts your community?  Are you a consistent community resource, leader, or grassroots organization seeking expansion services, capacity building, financial management, or organizational infrastructure? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Individuals, partnerships, coalitions, and networks that meet the following criteria should apply to become a Fusion Partner:

  • Actively working to seek funds from charitable sources, such as foundations, or individual donors. 
  • Able to propose fundraising and implementation plans.
  • Mission is aligned to Fusion’s — Through collaborative action, including fiscal sponsorship, facilitation, and resident-led grantmaking, Fusion Partnerships works as a catalyst for social justice and peace. 
  • Work has a community-based focus and leadership.
  • Leadership demonstrates commitment to the project and nuanced understanding of the receiving community’s needs.
  • Leadership is committed to democratic, inclusive, and equitable practices of decision making.
  • Project can demonstrate potential to grow and develop.
  • Commitment to participate in Fusion’s networking opportunities, and attend semiannual potlucks, monthly coffee hours, and events.
  • Willingness to accept the stated outcomes, goals and expectations required for fiscal sponsorship under Fusion Partnerships, as stated in the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement [LINK].