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Fusion’s mission to be a catalyst for justice and peace has evolved in a way it could not have imagined 18 years ago. In 2015 alone, Fusion Partners served over 2,000 people in the community. All of these projects and programs are possible because the Baltimore community works to support itself and because there is Fusion, an organization willing to support them. No other organization has had the impact and success of Fusion in our region and Maryland for both groundbreaking programs and holistic fiscal sponsorship. 

Fusion has developed a shared learning community; we believe everyone has the ability to make change happen. Grassroots leaders are a vital part of every community, but are not often found in at the table in the mainstream of local agencies and institutions. With little financial support or access to nonprofit resources and a supportive network, these leaders often struggle in isolation. We believe they are the experts on the issues that impact them and offer solutions that can create lasting transformational change. Our primary focus is to engage, give voice, and support the development of indigenous leadership amongst constituencies, populations, and communities that are often silenced or underserved.  

Although there are other organizations that provide fiscal sponsorship and facilitate programs in the social justice arenas, there are few that have the respect and admiration of Fusion by local leaders, grassroots activists, and advocates. This is because Fusion has become synonymous with success that comes from inclusion, engagement, and collaboration.

Since 2003, Fusion has provided fiscal sponsorship, leadership development, and innovative community strategies to support individuals and groups working for social justice in Baltimore. We currently sponsor over 75 Partners and continue to grow.

Over the past year, we have succeeded in the following:

  • Signed on 20 new Partners.

  • Increased total Partner grants from 107 to 127 raising revenues from $1,888,535 to $2,200,493 to support Partner work.

  • Successfully incubated and spun off three new 501(c)(3) entities.

  • Retained programs at a rate of 90% which means Partners are continuing to make Fusion their home.

Here's what our partners have shared 

"When I initially became the novice director of a nonprofit program, I was a little 'lost in the sauce.' The Fusion Staff members were very patient with my endless questions about budgeting, reporting, RFPs, and proposal submissions.  Fusion's fiscal competency, the organization's level headed approach to problem solving, and capacity building ability has been an encouraging example of how to affect change in our community."

-- Mary Missouri, The P.R.A.I.S.E. College Readiness Program

"I have to take a moment to THANK the entire Fusion Partnerships team!  We just reviewed our financials from our last fiscal year.  I compared the totals to the previous year. HUGE INCREASE!  At a quick glance, it is more than a 250% increase! This would not be possible without Fusion. This increase also reflects the increased number of students we engaged last year, our move into our first office, bringing on new partnerships, getting support from the OSI Fellowship, and more. THANK YOU!  I appreciate Fusion and look forward to continue growing with you."

-- Brian Gerardo, Baltimore Dance Crews Project