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Apply to Fusion

We welcome individuals or groups to to become a Partner by applying for fiscal sponsorship with Fusion. Please review our criteria, benefits and services, and the application process.

Residents in East Baltimore neighborhoods can now apply for our InFusion Community Small Grants Program! Please review the requirements, deadlines, and application process.

Apply to be a Fusion Partner

If you are interested in applying for fiscal sponsorship for a program or project, know that we accept applications on a rolling basis. That means you can apply at any time!

Our review committee consists of Fusion staff, board members, and current partners and meets quarterly. We may ask you to present your program to our staff, board members, or review committee to ensure you are the right fit to become a Fusion Partner.

Once the review committee makes a recommendation, the full board then reviews selected projects and programs for final approval.

If you require Fiscal Sponsorship in a timeframe that doesn't fit our application timeline, please contact Sarah McCann, director of Operations, to schedule a conversation.