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Benefits and Services:

Fusion goes beyond many fiscal sponsorship programs that only address your administrative needs. You’ll get the support and resources you need to build innovative programs and increase the impact of your advocacy work.  You’ll connect with like-minded individuals to power your ideas and create positive change.

Fusion offers two types of fiscal sponsorship:

Model A:
Model A
Model C:
Model C
*Images source: Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways To Do It Right by Gregory L. Colvin

Model A Benefits and Services:

 Nonprofit Administrative Support:

  • Become a part of Fusion’s existing 501(c)3 to be eligible to access to grants, donations and other fundraising platforms and opportunities
  • Full grant management support
  • Access to CRM for donor management
  • Comprehensive financial and accounting services
  • General liability insurance coverage
  • Human resources and payroll services
  • Tax reporting,  audit and other compliance with local, state and federal regulations
  • Risk management, compliance, and legal advising 
  • Access to working capital to be able to leverage reimbursable public funds

  Skill-building and Community

  •  One-on-one time with a staff liaison to help strengthen and build your program’s capacity in such areas as fundraising, resource development, financial management and program planning
  • Presence on the Fusion website and other social media platforms
  • Trainings, peer learning, networking and other ongoing opportunities for collaboration
  • Free and discounted trainings and workshops 
  • Opportunities to learn more about social justice work in Baltimore 

As a Fusion Model A Partner 10% of funds and 12% of reimbursable funds supports the collective infrastructure outlined above. This is a cost savings and access to more supports than one would have as an independent nonprofit. We constantly look for ways to strengthen and improve our systems, staffing, and infrastructure and work with our fiscally sponsored Partners on how to best meet their needs.

Model C Benefits and Services:

  • Access to the Fusion Network, Resources, Events and Trainings
  • Ability to Apply Under Fusion’s 501(c)3 for Charitable Funding and be regranted these funds from Fusion
  • Increase your entity’s impact by creating a nonprofit arm

At Fusion, Model C partners must have the following infrastructure:

  • Be a legal entity that is not a 501(c)3, with a charitable program that is clearly defined from for profit work
  • Have a bank account to receive distributions of funding as grants from Fusion
  • Are responsible for all bookkeeping and tracking expenditures and must maintain separate accounting for their charitable program and funds received from Fusion
  • Must report on the use of funds before being able to access additional funding
  • May not apply for/receive restricted funding or public funding
  • Have their own insurance policies and provide an annual Certificate of Insurance to Fusion
  • Are responsible for payroll, benefits, and all payroll taxes, 1099 filings, etc.
  • Have to manage and file their own business registration, taxes, etc. and provide proof the entity is in good standing with local, state, and federal entities annually
  • Invest 5% of funding receive in collective infrastructure