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2640 Space

Arts, Workforce Development, Criminal Justice, * Featured Partners *

901 Arts

Arts, Youth, Education, Community Engagement

A Mother's Love Will Never Die

Direct Services, Health/Wellness, Mentorship, * Featured Partners *

A Workshop Of Our Own

Arts, Workforce Development, Education

Afrikan Youth Alchemy (AYA)

Arts, Youth, Workforce Development, Media

Aiding Community Excellence

Youth, Environment/Sustainability, Education, Community Engagement

Ashley's Garden/Team Redemption

Youth, Health/Wellness, Mentorship

B-360 STEM Program

Youth, Education

BALR Life, Black Advocates Leading Revolutions

Health/Wellness, Advocacy, Leadership Development

Baltimore Arts Resistance

Arts, Youth, Mentorship, Community Engagement, Social Justice

Baltimore Bikers


Baltimore Dance Crews Project

Arts, Youth, Health/Wellness

Baltimore Free Farm

Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability, Education

Baltimore Gift Economy

Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability, Education

Baltimore Peace Movement

* Featured Partners *

Baltimore Youth Arts

Arts, Youth, Workforce Development, Criminal Justice

Birds of Urban Baltimore (B.UR.B)

Environment/Sustainability, Education

Bmore Garden Space

Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability

Bmore Transform

Youth, Education


Economic Development, Leadership Development

By Peaceful Means

Youth, Education

BYKE Collective

Youth, * Featured Partners *

CEASE Baltimore

Youth, Health/Wellness

Center for Mindful Awareness

Direct Services, Health/Wellness

Challenge 2 Change

Youth, Mentorship, Education

Citizens Policing Project

Arts, Criminal Justice

Community Voices

Criminal Justice

Cool Green Schools

Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability, Education

DewMore Baltimore

Arts, Youth, Mentorship

DivineSense/The SOOTHE Circle

Youth, Health/Wellness, Criminal Justice, Education, Community Engagement, Social Justice, Culture, Leadership Development

Donnell Justice Fighter's

Criminal Justice, Advocacy

Empowerment Through Aviation

Youth, Workforce Development, Education

Gardenville Baseball League

Youth, Health/Wellness, Mentorship

Goaldiggers The Sankofa Project

Arts, Health/Wellness, Mentorship

Golden Door, The

Arts, Youth, Education

Good Kids Mad City Baltimore

Youth, Social Justice, Artivism

H.O.P.E. Baltimore

Criminal Justice, Prison Abolition

HOPE 4 U 20/20

Workforce Development, Criminal Justice

Ingoma Foundation

Youth, Workforce Development

Ink or Dye

Arts, Housing

Intercultural Counseling Connection, The

Direct Services, Health/Wellness

Karmic Connections

Arts, Youth, Health/Wellness

Luvs Art Project


Morgan CARES

Health/Wellness, Education

Next Generation Language Access

Youth, Workforce Development, Education

P.I.N.K. 4 The City

Health/Wellness, Advocacy

Parts of Peace

Direct Services

Peaceful Warriors

Youth, Health/Wellness, Education

Project Blight 2 Bright

Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability

RICH in Music

Arts, Youth, Direct Services, Health/Wellness

Seeds Of Promise

Youth, African American Males, Community Engagement

Sistas of the T

Health/Wellness, Trans Rights

SON Organization

Community Engagement, Advocacy

South Baltimore Partnership

Arts, Youth, Direct Services, Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability, Workforce Development, Education

SPACEs In Action

Health/Wellness, Education, Community Engagement, Social Justice, Advocacy

Spring and Fall Productions

Arts, Criminal Justice, Media, Social Justice

Tha Mad House

Health/Wellness, Housing, Education

The Black River Film Project

Arts, Youth, Education, Advocacy

The Equity Project Foundation Inc.

Arts, Youth, Workforce Development, Community Engagement, Advocacy

The Living Well

Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability, Social Justice, Culture

The Noor Foundation

Youth, Health/Wellness, Workforce Development, Education

Truth to Power

Arts, Youth, Health/Wellness, Workforce Development, Education, Media, Advocacy

TSA Blitz

Youth, Education

Tubman House

Environment/Sustainability, Food Justice

Whats Your Grief

Youth, Direct Services, Health/Wellness

Whitelock Community Farm

Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability, Education

Wilson Park Northern Neighborhood Association

Environment/Sustainability, Food Justice

Writers in Baltimore Schools

Arts, Youth, Education, Culture