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Heritage Crossing Resident Association, The

Heritage Crossing Resident Association, The

Completed in 2003, Heritage Crossing is a mixed income affordable housing community located on the former Murphy Homes property. We have 260 homes, of which 185 are privately owned and 75 are public housing units. Homeowners and public housing units are interspersed throughout the site, each boasting the same high architectural standards, style, and quality.

The Heritage Crossing Board of Directors is the governing body for HCRA. It is the board’s duty to protect the community's interest, its residents and ensure the community’s continued financial and physical viability. Upon moving into HCRA, residents were not familiar with the history of redlining and disinvestment. The Heritage Crossing community began educating ourselves about community development. We learned that when you are living in a suburban-looking area surrounded by a distressed urban environment, social determinants such as concentrated poverty, crime, blight, violence, substandard educational systems, and trauma can encroach the community like a spiderweb, producing less than desirable outcomes for its residents. Therefore, where one lives is more important than their genetic code for determining longevity and quality of life. HCRA worked to develop a framework to address the disparities that negatively impact quantity and quality of life issues.
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