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Who is Poised?

Poised is a health literacy and “post-high school planning” mentorship program for high school girls in under-resourced communities. Our mission is to equip girls with the tools and resources to make productive and informed health and life choices, by providing workshops to improve health literacy, build goal-setting skills, and successfully navigate their post high school plans.

We envision a community where girls become self-sufficient adults, equipped with the capacity and opportunities to cease the cycle of poverty; by cultivating girls with dreams, to become women with actionable goals.

Who do we serve?

Poised supports girls attending a partner high school within Baltimore City. 

Why Poised? Why health literacy? 

As girls’ transition into womanhood and become increasingly aware of themselves and their bodies, they will interact with the health system more and more, and will need to access information that informs their actions and behaviors. Therefore, higher levels of health literacy is important for positive health outcomes and in essence, positive self-goals. Girls are interested in health information, but can miss out on the benefits of health education campaigns and messages, if they have low health literacy. Girls make decisions that affect their health every day, and often times, they are unaware, and do so without an adult to guide them in their decisions. When girls are equipped with the skills they need to navigate health information, they feel confident in their abilities to make healthy decisions, and will develop positive outcomes in other areas of their life. Our goal is to properly educate our participants through health literacy, so they can recognize accurate information, and become leaders, by educating their peers, family, and community.

We’re on a movement to instill confidence through knowledge.

Every girl… Poised for now,

Poised to live healthy,

Poised for the future!

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