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RICH in Music

RICH in Music

RICH in Music: Refugee-Immigrant Connection & Healing supports refugees, asylum seekers, and other humanitarian migrants in the Baltimore area by providing music therapy and other positive music experiences. The organization envisions that participants will experience increased joy and hopefulness, improved resilience and stress management, and greater connections with themselves and others. RICH in Music was founded and became a Fusion partner in 2018 and grew out of an Open Society Institute - Baltimore Community Fellowship.

The organization works with participants from Asylee Women Enterprise, the Goodnow Community Center, and various schools and non-profit agencies in Baltimore that serve refugees and immigrants. Services focus on providing psychosocial support, facilitating self-expression, and building connections and community. Music therapy can help refugees and other immigrants cope with life changes and trauma, reduce isolation, anxiety and depression, and improve mood and a sense of belonging.

RICH in Music co-leads Hope Choir of Nations, hosted by Asylee Women Enterprise. This is a free community choir for refugees and immigrants to help newcomers make connections with others while developing their voices and having fun. The choir has regular rehearsals and performs in the community. RICH in Music is the financial and administrative manager for the choir.
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Amy Bliss Tenney
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