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Teachers Democracy Project

Teachers Democracy Project

Teachers’ Democracy Project supports Baltimore City Public School teachers and school communities in building sustainable and just neighborhood schools. We work on school-based projects that deepen school relationships, and through public advocacy support school communities in coming up with their own solutions to historic inequities. Teachers in partnership with parents, community members (and sometimes students) become TDP fellows and create a project that embodies authentic, equitable engagement in schools. TDP staff and other partners assemble resources and materials needed to get the projects off the ground, supports fellows as they address dilemmas in their work, and see the project through to a culminating event or product.

We seek a shift in relationships that allows teachers, students, and community to have the cohesion needed to bridge culture gaps in order to organize for change. In addition, TDP staff and fellows research and advocate for policy change through writing and producing media. We publish and share reflections in a variety of venues as a way to invite others to engage with the tension between policy and practice.

We use a combination of events, attending and presenting at conferences, and face-to-face meetings to contribute to a wider movement of teachers, students, parents, and community partners who engage in advocacy efforts across the city. Policy issues are selected by staff and fellows based on research into national trends, feedback from school-based projects, and current policy discussions in the city.
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