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Teachers Democracy Project

Teachers Democracy Project

Teachers’ Democracy Project supports Baltimore City Public School teachers and school communities in building sustainable and just neighborhood schools. We work on school-based projects that deepen school relationships, and through public advocacy support school communities in coming up with their own solutions to historic inequities.

TDP’s work emerged in response to Baltimore City teachers who seek to connect what they do in the classroom to the issues that students and families grapple with.  It also emerged from parents in low income communities feeling powerless to have an impact on the education of their children. There is strong consensus around the idea that decisions at the classroom, school and district level are currently so complex that few people feel they have a say, even when they care passionately about an issue or practice. We do this work because we know that when parents and teachers come together, they can improve academic success and change policies and practices that need changing.  

Fellowships for Parents:
We offer fellowships for parents, guardians and school staff who want to build their schools parent power and participation in the school community.

Policy and Advocacy Work:
Advocacy issues that we work on are selected through deep listening to stakeholders.  The policy areas we focus on are honed in response to research into national trends and exemplary initiatives in other cities, as well the experience of teachers and parents we work with.

Courses for Educators:
We offer courses for educators who want to build stronger connections with families. We do this through the district AU system.
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