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Partner Benefits and Services

 At Fusion Partnerships, you get the support and resources needed to build innovative programs and increase the impact of your advocacy work.

You’ll connect with like-minded individuals to power your ideas and create positive and sustainable change. No matter your project’s size or level of development, you can join a diverse and passionate group that’s building a social justice-oriented foundation for your new nonprofit, coalition, or network.

 When you become a Fusion Partner you can focus on your mission and the direct work and impact you can create in your community while gaining the benefits of:

 Nonprofit Administrative Support


  • Access to grants, donations, and other fundraising platforms and opportunities

  • Full grant management support
  • Comprehensive financial and accounting services
  • General liability insurance coverage
  • Human resources and payroll services
  • Tax reporting, auditing, and other compliance with local, state and federal regulations


Capacity Building and Community

  • One-on-one time with a staff liaison to help strengthen and build your program’s capacity in areas such as fundraising, resource development, financial management and program planning
  • Presence on the Fusion website and other social media platforms
  • Trainings, peer learning, networking and other ongoing opportunities for collaboration
  • Free and discounted trainings and workshops
  • Opportunities to learn more about social justice work in Baltimore