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Organizational Overview:

Fusion Partnerships, Inc. (Fusion), located in Baltimore MD, is a 501(c)3 social benefit organization, whose mission is to be a catalyst for social justice, by providing fiscal sponsorship, capacity building, collaborative opportunities and participatory grantmaking.  Fusion supports over 120 social justice programs, projects and grantees - our Partners - across the Greater Baltimore region. As a Fiscal Sponsor, Fusion Partnerships provides financial, legal, and related administrative support so that each of our Partner organizations can focus their attention on their direct mission work on the front lines, and to succeed in achieving their individual missions addressing specific needs of our community.

Fusion Partnerships has been providing fiscal sponsorship services since 2003. Since 2015, we have increased the number of our Partner organizations and our revenue by 300%. For the current fiscal year, we are staffed by 12 employees, with an annual budget of $14 million. Our Partners’ work is focused on-the-ground, providing knowledge and services to inform and support collaborative actions and community engagement. Examples of the success in the work of our Partners includes:

  • cultivating self-determination through Black land & food sovereignty; 
  • ensuring mothers have access to quality care, self-care, doulas, and healing opportunities and resources;
  • enabling people in need to access food that would otherwise go to waste;
  • teaching young people and their families, skills that enhance their mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health.

Fusion Partnership’s fiscal sponsorship oversight, support and vision provided to equitably support our Partners and grantees, directly impacts their positive success.


Fusion Partnerships has no open positions at this time.