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2640 Space

Arts, Workforce Development, Criminal Justice, * Featured Partners *

901 Arts

Arts, Youth, Education, Community Engagement

A Mother's Love Will Never Die

Direct Services, Health/Wellness, Mentorship, * Featured Partners *

A Workshop Of Our Own

Arts, Workforce Development, Education

Afrikan Youth Alchemy (AYA)

Arts, Youth, Workforce Development, Media

Aiding Community Excellence

Youth, Environment/Sustainability, Education, Community Engagement


Health/Wellness, Education

Ashley's Garden/Team Redemption

Youth, Health/Wellness, Mentorship

B-360 STEM Program

Youth, Education

Baltimore Action Legal Team

Advocacy, Criminal Justice, Housing

Baltimore Area Faces of Homelessness Speakers' Bureau

Advocacy, Housing, * Featured Partners *

Baltimore Bikers

Advocacy, Health/Wellness

Baltimore Ceasefire 365

Advocacy, * Featured Partners *

Baltimore Dance Crews Project

Arts, Youth, Health/Wellness

Baltimore Doula Project

Advocacy, Health/Wellness

Baltimore Free Farm

Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability, Education

Baltimore Furniture Bank

Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability, Criminal Justice, Housing

Baltimore United Viewfinders

Arts, Youth, Mentorship, Education, Media

Baltimore Youth Arts

Arts, Youth, Criminal Justice

Birds of Urban Baltimore (B.UR.B)

Environment/Sustainability, Education

BMore Awesome Inc

Arts, Youth, Advocacy, * Featured Partners *

BYKE Collective

Youth, * Featured Partners *

CEASE Baltimore

Youth, Advocacy, Health/Wellness

Center for Mindful Awareness

Direct Services, Health/Wellness

Challenge 2 Change

Youth, Mentorship, Education

Citizens Policing Project

Arts, Advocacy, Criminal Justice


Advocacy, Media

Community Voices

Criminal Justice

Cool Green Schools

Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability, Education

DewMore Baltimore

Arts, Youth, Advocacy, Mentorship

Empowerment Through Aviation

Youth, Workforce Development, Education

Eye Can BMore

Workforce Development, Criminal Justice

Family Support Network

Advocacy, Criminal Justice

Food Rescue Baltimore

Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability, Community Engagement

Friends of the Homeless National Resource Center

Advocacy, Health/Wellness, Education

Gardenville Baseball League

Youth, Health/Wellness, Mentorship

Goaldiggers The Sankofa Project

Arts, Advocacy, Health/Wellness, Mentorship

Good Kids Mad City Baltimore

Youth, Social Justice, Artivism



H.O.P.E. Baltimore

Advocacy, Criminal Justice, Prison Abolition

HOPE 4 U 20/20

Workforce Development, Criminal Justice

Ingoma Foundation

Youth, Advocacy, Workforce Development

Kevin L. Cooper Foundation

Youth, Advocacy, Mentorship


Advocacy, Health/Wellness

Morgan CARES

Health/Wellness, Education

New Lens

Arts, Youth, Media

Next Generation Language Access

Youth, Workforce Development, Education

Older Women Embracing Life

Advocacy, Health/Wellness

Open Justice Baltimore

Advocacy, Criminal Justice

Orita's Cross Freedom School

Youth, Advocacy, Mentorship

Out For Justice

Advocacy, Criminal Justice

Parts of Peace

Direct Services


Youth, Health/Wellness, Education

Power Inside

Direct Services, Advocacy

Project Blight 2 Bright

Advocacy, Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability

RICH in Music

Arts, Youth, Direct Services, Health/Wellness

Second Chance for Women

Advocacy, Criminal Justice

Seeds Of Promise

Youth, African American Males, Community Engagement

Sistas of the T

Advocacy, Health/Wellness, Trans Rights

South Baltimore Partnership

Arts, Youth, Direct Services, Advocacy, Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability, Workforce Development, Education

SPACEs In Action

Criminal Justice

Spring and Fall Productions

Advocacy, Criminal Justice, Media

The Baltimore Algebra Project

Youth, Advocacy, Education

The Baltimore Transgender Alliance

Advocacy, Health/Wellness, Mentorship

The Farm to Prison Project

Criminal Justice, Food Justice, Prison Abolition

The Golden Door

Arts, Youth, Education

The Intercultural Counseling Connection

Direct Services, Advocacy, Health/Wellness

Tubman House

Environment/Sustainability, Food Justice

Whats Your Grief

Youth, Direct Services, Health/Wellness

Whitelock Community Farm

Health/Wellness, Environment/Sustainability, Education

Wilson Park Northern Neighborhood Association

Advocacy, Environment/Sustainability, Food Justice

Writers in Baltimore Schools

Arts, Youth, Education, Culture